We’re Owls Department

Interactivity is the new magic. When done in the right way, paying attention to the details, it can make people say “Wow! How does that work?” We absolutely love this kind of reaction. We're a team of owls. We design. We develop. We're smart.

We're developers, and web/mobile development is our speciality. But we've never been close to the image of IT nerds you’ll recall from movies. We're passionate about minimalist design, modern architecture and music that blow minds — it all inspires us to pay attention to the details.

We're a small web development studio based in Krakow, Lesser Poland. Some may call us software house, but we also love to do UX and graphic design, animation, games and any other creative stuff you can imagine.

The main scope of our work is web development and mobile apps. Our direction is modern, so we use responsive HTML5 and CSS3 on daily basis, but we always pay attention to older systems. For mobile, we can develop native or multiplatform HTML5 apps — always perfectly smooth.

On many projects we work in cooperation with awesome creatives and great agencies. We think in global terms, cooperating with clients from across Europe. You want us to work for you — just let us prove it!


If you’d like to ask us any extra questions or simply hire us from the start — don’t hesitate! — working with us is a true pleasure.









Owls Department
ul. Juliusza Lea 10A/5
30-048 Kraków