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We were responsible for creating both, offline and online presence for Almanak, a management platform that uses data analysis to generate simulations and predictions for the cryptocurrency market in the Web3.

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    Brand identity, UX, UI, Development, DevOps

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    Awwwards HM, SiteInspire

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Almanak's new identity resonates with the idea of counting and creating future scenarios as seen both as mystical and scientific.

The colour scheme, gradient effects and animations used in the design emphasise the mysterious nature of the site, referencing the immensity of space. On the other hand, the use of geometric fonts and thin lines in the diagrams and content divisions adds a technical and credible aspect to the overall design.

Visual direction

product concept
and approach

Our focus was on the event horizon, the final discernible point before being absorbed by a black hole, representing the boundary that cannot be crossed - the threshold of simulated data and scenarios. This is the place where the impossible becomes a reality.

The mathematical nature of the site is emphasised through the animated numbers and the enigmatic writing of the team members' names. In this way, the cryptic and mathematical character has been captured, both in the logo and in the overall design.



The most challenging element was to achieve appropriate perception by the future user. That's why we created custom WebGL animation to infuse character and movement into the website.

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