Spectacular rebranding.

Every rebranding is an event – the scale depends on how big the brand is. Together with For Brands, we created a story about the changes at otomoto.pl – the biggest car listings site on the Polish market.

Rebranding was part of a larger structure-change process, the most significant one since the launch of the site. Everything changed on the new version of the site, so we had to make it loud. We created a brand website which explains to the world not only the new image, but primarily the whole new philosophy of otomoto.pl.

Dynamic brand. Dynamic branding. Dynamic animation.

Using the resources of the TweenMax and TimelineMax libraries from the GreenSock Animation Framework pack, we created a number of animations which add life to illustrations on the site. We used graphics in SVG format which enhance the size and speed of browsing without loss of quality at every resolution, also on screens with a high PPI factor.

Information available on every device.

According to 2015 statistics, over 1 million people in Poland use otomoto.pl on their tablet or smartphone. We had to introduce mobile device users to changes on the site. This is why we carefully optimised the nowe.otomoto.pl site to work on every possible mobile device.