Helpzy – Useful goes Heartful

  • Client Helpzy
  • Scope MVP and product
  • Technologies Laravel, Vue.js

Heplzy is the first social charity platform where giving is more important than taking.

In Q1 of 2017 we got approached by founders of Helpzy with a task to build MVP for their startup. In less than 4 months, we’ve developed and launched first production-grade version on the platform.

Since its launch, we are constantly supporting and expanding the platform with new functionalities, constantly increasing the system’s capabilities.


The Challenge

The first challenge platforms founders set us with, was to provide a working demo of essential functionalities within less than two months from the start.

During next few weeks, our task was to expand the platform with the remaining functionalities planned for the first MVP.

Our Approach

As a foundation for the platform we used Laravel framework. On front-end side, we used Vue.js + Vuex. Such selection of technical stack allowed us to progress quickly while keeping high efficency and reliability in mind.

Thanks to support of Amazon Web Services ecosystem solutions, we delivered highly efficent platform equipped with advanced features such as extensive search engine with Elastic Search and video processing by Elastic Transcoder.


Bringing better mobile experience with PWA

While creating the MVP, we wanted to avoid developing separated code base for fully native mobile apps, while keeping the native-like experience in mind. To achieve this, we’ve followed the Progressive Web Apps methodology.

With this approach, we were able to deliver nearly native experience on mobile while keeping budget and schedule on track.

The evolution of the product

We haven’t just stopped after launching the MVP. Working in short and well-planned sprints, we were able to answer needs of growing base of users, firms and charity organizations that are present on the platform in an agile way.