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Our studio is located in Cracow in Zwierzyniec district, at the foot of the Mountain of St. Bronislava.

Close enough to the city centre to still feel its atmosphere, but far enough away to avoid the bustle and noise. In such conditions, we’re ready for the challenges which our work provides for us every day.

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We’re waiting for your brief. We keep broadening our horizons, and new cooperation is always a fascinating challenge for us.

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Our studio is located near the centre of Krakow. We don’t have a strict working schedule and we arrange meetings one day before the planned date.

ul. Emaus 5, 1st floor
30-201 Kraków, Polska

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A strong team of talented and dedicated people is our strongest asset. This is why we care about its development, inviting those who understand our priorities to work with us.

You can find our current job offers at Just Join IT.

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