At Owls Department, we program design. We believe that every detail matters. We know that with an "i", it's the dot that matters most.

Hi! We're Owls Department and we're a web development studio appreciated by designers.


We like good design, but we like its implementation even more. We try to merge technology with the art of design, without compromising either.

We’re not an ordinary software house. We appreciate great graphic design as much as well-designed code. Dozens of implemented projects have contributed to our bond with the creative industry.

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We're creative programmers. We focus on the details of the project and we don't take shortcuts. We believe that details make a difference.


We don’t stand still. We follow technological development along with trends in design.

We don’t let ourselves get trapped or constrained by routine, and we approach each cooperation individually, so our work together can lead to success.

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Our reasons to be proud

We have experience which helps us easily find a common language with our clients and, as a result, create world-class projects together.

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  • Lost Village Festival

    Only Studio, UK front-end + wordpress

    Together with Only, we created a site promoting a unique music festival in the forests of the English county of Lincolnshire.
    The site was awarded by SiteInspire.

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  • BeSein

    For brands front-end + wordpress

    BeSein is a new internet platform promoting polish industrial design.
    The site was awarded by SiteInspire.

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During a few years of hard (but pleasant) work, we’ve coded dozens, if not hundreds of projects. We have to admit that we stopped counting. We’ve picked a few examples to present our craft.

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Reliable, on time, and always with ‘something extra’ which often enriches the final product – the website – and gives it ‘that special something’. They are loyal partners in web development work – day or night. Owls are protected birds – and may it stay that way, because we must appreciate specialists so devoted to their work!

Marcin Kaczmarek, For brands

Marta is cool, Kuba is cool, Kuba is cool, Owls are cool. Everything’s cool. Implementation’s cool. Simply cool.

Marcin Paściak, Hopa Studio

We use their services for all our website design and digital advertising projects. The team are highly experienced, very knowledgeable about “all things web” and very professional in everything they do. Their client service is first-class. So if you’re looking for a great company for web support, I would absolutely recommend using the team at Owls.

Graeme Hanna, Originate Creative