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How to design in web3 - case study of event simulator website design

How to design in web3 - case study of event simulator website design

Almanak is a management platform that, based on data analysis, creates simulations and predictions for the cryptocurrency market. It tries to figure out optimization methods for decentralized financial (DeFi) projects. Owls Department was responsible for creating Almanak's offline and online branding.

How to start the design process?

The starting point for creating the visual identity was understanding the nature of the organization's business. Almanak's investment scenarios, created on the basis of data analysis, are a kind of magic and at the same time an accurate prediction of the future. This mysteriousness inspired us to try to use the black hole motif as a key element throughout the creation.

We focused on the event horizon, which is the last defined point followed by disappearance into a black hole. The place where the impossible becomes achievable.

Appropriate selection of design elements is a key for success.

This analogy allowed us to create a unique visual story that interested customers and thrilled stakeholders. From the design process perspective, it set the tone of the brand. On one hand we wanted it to be technical and trust-inspiring, and magical and unfamiliar on the other. This cryptic and mathematical character is captured in both the logo and the website.


The choice of intense colors, the use of gradients and animations emphasize the mystery, by referring to the cosmos and its infinity. On the other hand, geometric fonts,thin lines in diagrams and content divisions, complement the design with elements of technicality and reliability. Animations of numbers and mysterious notation of team members' names are further highlighting the mathematical character on the site.

What are the most important aspects of designing a web3 website?

  1. Think holistically about the project and create a brand character at the very first moment.
  2. Taking the time to state your vision and justify what it entails will help with subsequent communication and further work.
  3. Keep an open mind to non-conventional ideas. The world of cryptocurrencies does not need to be shown through strong colors and abstract forms.

It was a pleasure to work with the Almanak team who understood and shared our vision. It most definitely sped up the entire design process and ended with an awesome branding that both us and the client are proud of.

Almanak website on mobile - home page

Almanak website on mobile - about page

Visit online: https://almanak.co/

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